Who We Are

Topwide provides high-quality products and services to customers throughout West Africa.

Topwide is a dynamic and innovative conglomerate operating across commercial and residential real estate, commodities, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, and distribution. Headquartered in Lagos, Topwide provides high-quality products and services to customers throughout West Africa.

Established on May 6, 1996 as a trading company specializing in importing and distributing cosmetics across West Africa, Topwide has grown significantly over the years. Topwide formed partnerships with major regional cosmetics manufacturers like Dream Cosmetics in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire to distribute products throughout Nigeria. Topwide also partnered with pharmaceutical companies including Kimia Pharmaceuticals to distribute medical products across Nigeria.

Since its founding, Topwide has been recognized for leadership across its diverse businesses. Its team of employees is committed to customer satisfaction and has facilitated partnerships with numerous multinational corporations seeking to enter the Nigerian market. Through strategic growth and a solutions-oriented approach, Topwide continues to deliver value to stakeholders across West Africa.

Looking ahead, Topwide remains committed to innovating new products and services while upholding robust operational and financial performance. Its strategic vision balances business expansion with social responsibility and stakeholder value creation. Backed by over 25 years of local market insights, Topwide is poised to continue delivering excellence across its diverse portfolio.

 Our Vision
To become a global conglomerate recognised for the promotion of West African industry and expertise
 Our Mission:
To deliver affordable and quality products and services to our customers and stakeholders within the African continent and beyond